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Mycenae was one of the most powerful city-states of the ancient Greek world and the kingdom of Agamemnon. Having been populated since the 7th century BC, it developed a glorious civilization which can be understood nowadays through the various admirable sites that still exist. The Treasure of Atreus, Grave Circle A “which is also known as the tomb of Agamemnon”, Grave Circle B, the Cyclopean Walls (13th century BC), the Subterranean Cistern and the Lion Gate.


Nafplio, the first capital of Greece after the country gained its independence, is a beautiful picturesque town that combines both historical and architectural significance. Its castle, Palamidi, is built on a cliff which has a breathtaking view to the sea and to Mpourtzi, a small island with a Venetian fortress. Nafplio is an excellent place for a nice meal or a relaxing walk around the town to admire its traditional architecture.


Epidaurus is a small seaside village near Nafplio with beautiful landscape and beaches nearby. However, the reason why Epidaurus is a centre of attention is its ancient theatre with its exceptional acoustics that makes it possible for the audience to hear a match being struck at the centre of the stage, regardless of where they are seated. Another site of interest that can be found in Epidaurus is the sanctuary of Asclepios the healer, son of Apollo and god of Medicine.
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